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Get Up and Get Ready to Achieve Morning Person Status!

By Cyndi Lesinski

Are you a Morning Person? Want to get up and get ready to be one today? Here are five tips to help you achieve that early bird status!

Home Improvements: Make it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

By Cyndi Lesinski

Whether you want to save money with a do-it-yourself approach or save time by hiring a professional, use this guide to help you decide!

Five Things HGTV-loving Buyers Might not Know

By Cyndi Lesinski

We all love an inspiring home improvement show, especially the ones featuring quick 30 -Day Transformations. But these shows could be setting your buyers up for disappointment.

Simple and Clever Ways to Add Value to Your Home

By Cyndi Lesinski

Before you start knocking down walls or hiring a contractor, you might want to think about a few projects that won’t require big equipment. Here are a few simple projects that will add value to your home and not break the bank.

What to Repair Before You List

By Cyndi Lesinski

When you’re getting ready to list your home, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure you are showing it in the best light.

Here is How to Create the Office of your Dreams this 2022!

By Cyndi Lesinski

Whether you work full-time at home or occasionally need to conduct business in the evenings or on the weekends, a home office is a great way to utilize an extra room. A dedicated workspace in your home can be designed to increase productivity and comfort.

How to Update Your Kitchen Without Breaking Bank

By Cyndi Lesinski

Your kitchen is one of the spaces you spend the most time in. Want to make it shine before you sell or before holiday company comes over?

New Year, New Mattress! Finding the Right Mattress for your home this 2022

By Cyndi Lesinski

You’ve got more options than ever when mattress shopping these days with no shortage of brick-and-mortar and online-only retailers to choose from.

Four Tips to Selling Your Home During the Holiday Season 2021

By Cyndi Lesinski

The holiday season can be chaotic—particularly when your home is for sale. While some sellers opt to take their homes off the market until after New Year, there are still plenty of buyers house hunting at this time of year. If you’ll be trying to sell your home during the holidays, here are a few tips to help attract buyers—while still maintaining a sense of festivity:

Hook, Line, & Sinker! What is Phishing and Why You Should NOT take the bait!

By Cyndi Lesinski

Phishing or Phishing tactics/scams are tricks hackers use to get personal information from us online/offline. 

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By Cyndi Lesinski

Purchasing a home is arguably one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. As you start your hunt, don’t forget there will be other costs associated with your purchase then the price of the home. Here are 5 fees to keep in mind as you begin to budget.


By Cyndi Lesinski

Confused between Home Warranty and Home Insurance? When purchasing a new home for the first time home buyer. Click here to find out the difference between a Home Warranty and a Home Insurance.

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